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    Cooperation with innovative partners

BigTenFour firmly believes in partnerships. For the simple reason that it is impossible as a tech company in the Netherlands to have all expertise in all areas in-house.
In addition, well-qualified personnel are hard to find and more and more IT professionals are becoming a freelancer.

We’ve identified the following partnerships:

Like good work force, good freelancers are also scarce. There may be several reasons for becoming a freelancer. But one thing is certain, they do not start a freelance career for financial reasons, because they can cherry pick the job the want! They do this mainly because of the freedom of work and because they want to be challenged. Keep in control of the projects they are going to work on. BigTenFour helps freelancers to work on kick-ass projects with interesting rates. So not the quantity is important as you’ll find with brokers and large contractors, but the quality is! In order to guarantee quality, BigTenFour only focuses on freelancers who have a great deal of experience in the field of online, mobile and other digitally related projects.

Specialized Tech companies:
If a client decides to make a software solution or service by itself, then it must possess or acquire the necessary knowledge and skills. Companies will then be faced with a make or buy decision. However, due to Cloud technology and free open source, there are so many solutions available nowadays that more companies start to buy off the shelf. The Netherlands has many small software companies with very specific knowledge centered around a single tool, framework or application. It is therefore important to have access to these companies and to have them work together within one team. BigTenFour specializes in constantly searching the market for these gems, but more often these companies also get in touch themselves.

BigTenFour has established itself in B-Building Amsterdam. With 40,000 square meters and three buildings, B. Amsterdam is the largest start-up ecosystem in Europe.
B. is a creative workspace for innovation, education and growth. We build a bridge between startups, creatives and companies to make them work together and find ways to connect with, learn from and grow together.

Near shoring
Common arguments for nearshoring are flexibility and cost reduction, while the differences in for example working hours, (business) culture, language, politics and legislation are less far-reaching than with offshoring to another continent. BigTenFour uses www.euvic.com from Poland for nearshoring. An IT company with more than 1,500 professionals.