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    A continuous process of measuring and implementing

Developing feedback based
BigTenFour can help you design and develop software, apps and web applications tailored to your ambitions. Our experience, knowledge and processes give us the best guidance within projects. According to our vision, carrying out a project according to the waterfall method is a thing of the past. The moment you are done with the design and defining all requirements, you are already caught up by reality. We want to keep in touch with the customer and the users and remain flexible about what we are going to develop. Through continuous collection of feedback from users, we are keen on what make users happy about a solution or not. 

Before the start of a project
Before we start a project, we mainly want to understand what we want to achieve for whom and why. We are looking for a practical product vision and a way to make success measurable. In some cases, ideas in different designs have already been worked out. An excellent basis for starting a project immediately. In other cases, there is only an idea. With the help of a design thinking session we make ideas more tangible in order to start a successful project. Together with you we will set up a structured backlog of features and user stories and we are going to set priorities. Where necessary, we are going to work out some more requirements into designs. We also want to be clear about the process and guidelines. The starting point is that within the project we want to generate speed aimed at delivering value. 

Life after launch
Whether the ambitions have been realized is mainly determined in practice by users and your company. We love feedback. To see what is going well and to determine where the solution can be improved. After a project is completed, we provide support in the field of operations, support and further development. We keep accumulated knowledge of the project available. We also ensure that you can submit support questions directly to the project team and do not have to wait for a service desk. Our teams provide both development and support tasks. We remain accessible for support and exchanging of ideas.