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What is Team as a Service?

These are teams that are made up of different digital specialists. You can think of frontend and backend developers, support engineers, test engineers, a team lead or scrum master. Some teams work full-time for one client, others work for multiple clients. Each team has its own business specialization. All processes within a team are optimized to launch new versions of software, apps or websites efficiently and in a controlled manner. In this way we can work fast and flexible on innovation, development and support within clear budget agreements.

In addition to being a "growth accelerator", TaaS is also a team that adjusts its composition and size to the needs of the customer. In that respect, a TaaS can be compared to an Octopus. This is a very intelligent animal with 9 brains, which effortlessly adapts to its environment with "eight arms" that work together, but can also make independent decisions. A TaaS ensures continuous work on digital innovation and support. Within a TaaS knowledge about your organization, your market and your preferences is maintained. This means that you can switch and accelerate quickly. You do not have to search for the right knowledge and experience each time. Moreover, a balanced team is faster and more efficient than a team in which people work together for the first time. You can use your time for actual innovation and not for unproductive management.